Milk Room Tour

Our Milk Room is a work in progress and there’s a list of stuff that needs to be finished, but this is what we have so far. It’s usable and I love how bright and cheery it is.


Here we see the milk stand with the vacuum pump for the milk machine underneath. It’s plugged into an outlet with a switch so I can easily flip it on and off. There is a “mud rug” on the deck to provide a non-slip surface and it’s nice to be able to take it outside and shake it off. The “Dutch” door goes to the does’ barn. I keep the top part open while milking so I can keep an eye on everybody. There’s a mini fridge/freezer with medications and supplements, ice for disbudding and frozen water bottles to cool down the milk quickly. And there’s a fan for when the temp gets in the 90-112 range in the summer.


The cabinets are filled with everything from syringes to herbal supplements. There’s a kitchen scale, bathroom scale, disbudding iron, Oster clippers and blades, measuring cups, iodine, etc. I keep a drench syringe, zip ties, caribiners, a thermometer, a stethoscope, etc in the drawers. On the counter there’s supplements I give daily (Diamond V yeast culture & dolomite), treats, a container of scissors, hoof clippers, pliers, and at the far end the stainless bucket for the milk machine. It sits on a dish mat and hiding behind it are my dish gloves and long-handle scrub brush. The far cabinet contains a small water heater with the reverse osmosis filters and pressurized tank. On the floor I have the chemicals and buckets for cleaning the milk machine.


Here’s a better look at the sink area but also part of the shelving with bins. There are a dozen bins with organic alfalfa pellets, organic dairy pellets, organic chicken feed, kelp, diatomaceous earth, Redmond salt, goat minerals, etc. The extra bags are piled on the floor. Up on top there’s bins with kidding supplies, towels, baby bottles, goat sweaters, show leads, etc.


Here you can see the hoses and inflations for the milk machine hanging to dry. The white board is where I write the “menu” so that if anyone else has to feed, there’s no confusion as to who gets what. I also have breeding dates and other notes written there. The sling for the baby scale is hanging on the back of the door along for a hook for my rain coat/winter jacket. Then you can see extra feed bins, udder wash, paper towels, teat spray, etc. There’s strip cups and disposable gloves in the drawer, and a hanging scale for weighing milk and babies.

You are welcome to e-mail if you have any questions about what something is, where I got it, how I use it, etc.


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