Goat Books

We planned Goat Day at our local library for the K-2 after-school program. The kids learned about different kinds of goats, goat behavior, and what goats eat.  After listening to Gregory, the Terrible Eater, they got to taste goat cheese, draw about what they like for dinner, and snuggle our baby goat. I think Pinecone recognized they were little ones like her and she wasn’t nervous at all.


There are some wonderful books for extended learning about goats, beyond the typical goat care references.  Pat Coleby’s Natural Goat Care  and Dairy Goat Judging Techniques by Harvey Considine are two of the best I have read so far.


And there are some lovely books written for children that adults enjoy too.


Billy Goats Gruff, anyone?

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Publicity

We took Pinecone for a Sunday walk in the park. She tasted the weeds, climbed a big rock, and met several small dogs. She watched some ducks in the pond, trying to figure out what they were, but wasn’t interested in crossing the small bridge across the creek. As usual, we didn’t get more than a few yards before we were stopped to answer questions about our little goatie and pose for pictures. We like to promote the breed whenever possible and love to talk goats!