We’re so excited to announce that Pope Valley Acorn and Castle Rock Cross My Heart have both earned their milk stars in volume, butterfat and protein, milking over 800 pounds in 305 days. They’re both Castle Rock Cleveland Sage daughters so it pretty much goes without sayin’. We knew they had capacious udders but we’re so happy to make it official.

We have a small farm and raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. We are located outside of Isleton, California, near the intersection of Contra Costa, Sacramento and Solano County.


Our show-quality goats come from strong milking lines and are registered with ADGA and NDGA. They can be registered with AGS. All babies will be disbudded (de-horned) and vaccinated.

Wethered males make great pets, weed-eaters, and companions for does or bucks. They can be shown at county fairs and are a good size for children to handle. Because of their small size and large udder capacity, our does make great home milkers.


When you take home one of our goats, we offer free consultation and support to new goat owners.


Nigerians give sweet creamy milk that does not have a “goaty” flavor. Enjoy organic milk, cheese, ice cream and even soap!¬† Our goats like grass hay, organic alfalfa pellets, organic dairy pellets, and many different kinds of branches and leaves, plus kelp and several minerals. Our goats are CAE negative and treated naturally whenever possible.

Contact us at: riveredge@frontier.com (925) 206-9021


Please do not use our photographs or our writing. Copyright 2019


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