Kidding Schedule

Plans for 2018

Reservations: CW 1st choice Cedar doe, or Summer doe if not available. SM 2 wethers, probably Summer’s. DS 1 Olive doe and 1 Acorn doe and 1 more doe.

IMG_2913 - CopyJoyful Hearts KR Joyous Melody x Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker *B     DUE Jan 28, 2018, blue eyes likely.  Does $400   First choice doe will be retained.



IMG_0340Castle Rock Volt 3*M x Walsh Kids Driftwood    DUE Feb 4, 2018, blue eyes possible. Does $500/ Bucks $400  First choice doe and buck may be retained.




Pope Valley Acorn x Curbstone Valley AD Octavius *B    DUE Feb 3, 2018.  Does $450/Bucks $400  First and second choice doe and 1 buck may be retained.




IMG_3388Castle Rock Cross My Heart x Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker *B     DUE Feb 5, 2018, blue eyes possible.  Does $500/Bucks $400  First and possibly second choice doe and 1 buck may be retained.



img_3087Kickapoo Creek TB Aspen x Walsh Kids Driftwood     DUE Feb 28, 2018, blue or gold eyes. Does $400 



birchBrandywine B SilverBirch x Castle Rock Fjord    DUE March 24, 2018, blue eyes and moon spots possible.   Does $350



rioRiver Edge CN Rio del Mar x  Walsh Kids Driftwood     DUE Feb 24, 2018, blue eyes likely.   Does $350



Wethers $150    They will be disbudded, weaned and immunized, and ready to go at 8 weeks old.

River Edge Farm always reserves the right to retain the first choice kid, doe or buck, from any breeding that is listed on a kidding schedule.

Unborn kids listed on the kidding schedule may be reserved with a $50 deposit, which will either refunded if that particular kid is not born or if you wish, applied to another.  Once born, a 50% deposit is required to hold a specific animal until weaning.  We reserve the right to adjust prices on any unreserved kids.

If purchaser ever decides to sell a doe purchased from River Edge Farm, regardless of goat’s herd name, River Edge Farm requests first right of refusal.