Kidding Schedule

All of our babies have been sold, but we’ll have more early 2019.

Reservations With Deposit 2019: Cedar doe PC, 4 wethers DM, Rio doe EE, WindSong doe EE.

Wether price $150. They will be disbudded and vaccinated, weaned and ready to go at 8 weeks old.

River Edge Farm always reserves the right to retain the first choice kid, doe or buck, from any breeding that is listed on our kidding schedule.

Unborn kids listed on the kidding schedule may be reserved with a $50 deposit, which will either be refunded if that particular kid is not born or if you wish, applied to another.  Once born, a 50% deposit is required to hold a specific animal until weaning.  We reserve the right to adjust prices on any unreserved kids.

If purchaser ever decides to sell a doe purchased from River Edge Farm, regardless of goat’s herd name, River Edge Farm requests first right of refusal.