Kidding Schedule

2023 Breeding Plans

January Babies:

Kickapoo Creek BTA Hannabelle 2*M x Lil Miss B Haven Smokin Mirrors *B   $650 Doe reservations closed, waitlist only. Hanna is on lease from Kickapoo Creek Ranch so babies will have River Edge Farm herd name.

Joyful Hearts KR Joyous Melody x Mountain Pines HP Cosmic Cuzco *B (Lil Miss B Haven WM Hokey Pokey *B  x GCH Lil Miss B Haven Fresca 4*M)   $550 Doe reservations closed, waitlist only. The buck’s sire, Hokey Pokey, is the full brother to our buck, Smoke.

River Edge CN Rosewood x Lil Miss B Haven Smokin Mirrors *B  $600. This is a repeat breeding.

February Babies:

Lil Miss B Haven GC Fern x River Edge Heart of Gold   $550

Kickapoo Creek RP Red Nova x Lil Miss B Haven Smokin Mirrors *B   $550

March Babies: (tentative)

River Edge SM Foxtail Pine x Curbstone Valley Pollinator *B  $550

Kickapoo Creek ZB CherryZ Jubilee x Lil Miss B Haven Smokin Mirrors *B   $550

Kickapoo Creek SOH Heather x Lil Miss B Haven Smokin Mirrors *B   $550

Mountain Pines SQ Wild Ivey x River Edge Hawthorn *B   $550

*Babies will be disbudded, weaned, and ready to go at approximately 8 weeks old.  Wethers $200. Bottle does and bucks may be available upon request. Does and bucks will be registered before leaving, and wethers can be sent with an application if you’d like to show them.

River Edge Farm always reserves the right to retain the first choice kid, doe or buck, from any breeding that is listed on our kidding schedule.

Unborn kids listed on the kidding schedule may be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit, however it will be refunded if that particular kid is not born.  Once born, a 50% deposit is required to hold a specific animal until weaning/arranged pick-up time.  We reserve the right to adjust prices on any unreserved kids.

If purchaser ever decides to sell a doe purchased from River Edge Farm, regardless of goat’s herd name, River Edge Farm requests first right of refusal.