Keeping Bucks

Ok, I love my bucks…they are soooo soft, like teddy bears. Clark is oh, so handsome, even if he is shy. And Sundance is almost impossible to photograph because he wants to be in my lap at all times. But it’s that time of year again and now they’re starting to go into rut. Which means they’re not so snuggly anymore. They’re constantly blubbering and snorting and growling and shoving. They pee and then curl their lips up to get a better sniff, like it’s the newest perfume on the market. So now I don’t hang out long and keep an eye on them as to not to get dowsed with their perfume. Pretty soon we’ll be able to smell them from across the pen. But yes, I’m thankful I am able to keep my bucks at home; and there are no neighbors to complain about the seasonal smell of bucks in rut.