Roses for Goats?

To celebrate Acorn’s 4th Birthday, she got a bouquet of organic roses from our front yard. She loves the flowers and doesn’t seem to have a preference for color or scent. After she eats the petals, she munches the leaves and then even the finer stems- thorns and all. Roses are healthy for goats, providing lots of good vitamin C. Although goats make their own vitamin C, according to Natural Goat Care, more is always better!

Acorn and Maple share a birthday. They were born the same day at the same farm, to mothers who were actually both Inspirations Chocolatte daughters. They’re technically cousins, but since they were both in the same pen at Nancy’s and we brought them home together at 8 weeks, they were raised as sisters. Maple had kidding complications and is now retired as a therapy goat at a Middle School, but we miss her, and are thinking about her today. And hoping she’s being treated to roses too.

Goat Herd Hierarchy

Spotting a little extra room on the chaise, Aspen jumped up and claimed it. Acorn nudged her but then stood as close to me as possible and chewed her cud, content with that position. Interestingly, Acorn is our Herd Queen. She could have made Aspen move, and if it had been Cedar or Summer, she would have. But Acorn adopted Aspen when I brought her home as a one week old bottle baby. Aspen cried out, missing her mama, and Acorn who was pregnant at the time, answered back. From then on Acorn defended Aspen, let her eat from under her, and never pushed her. So as the Herd Queen’s daughter, Aspen enjoys many privileges, including choice seating.