Goat Probiotics and Vitamins

Because of the sudden weather change yesterday, I checked all 9 noses and doled out Vitamin C “just in case.” The next morning I had a sick goat on my hands, and with a perplexing set of symptoms. I called the vet and was told to bring her in. Aspen ended up on antibiotics and anti-ulcer meds, among other things. I continued to give her vitamins and probiotics throughout her treatment.

Whenever I have a goat that is a little bit “off” or actually sick, I like treat with vitamins and probiotics in addition to whatever the situation calls for. Vitamin C for immune system and mucous membranes, Vitamin A with D for lungs, Vitamin E for immune system and lungs, B Complex for stomach and a bunch of other things, plus probiotics for gut flora. I tend to dose those all separately but just recently I re-read the label of my Goats Prefer Probiotic Powder and realized it had everything in it, and in much larger doses. It easily dissolves in water with a yummy orange flavor that the goats love. The label says to drench or top dress basically any time something changes- feed, weather, travel, kidding, antibiotics, etc.  Goats Prefer Probiotic Powder costs half as much as Probios Powder because the canister is actually filled to the top, so 90 servings run $12.99 at Tractor Supply. It doesn’t involve injections or prescriptions, and is readily available and easy to dose.

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