How to House Train a Goat


Little Honey at the bank with Elaine

Aspen was house trained for the first nine months. It was really not that difficult and well worth the effort. We brought her home when she was a week old so she lived in the house with us. We took her out on a leash and told her to “go potty” on the lawn and squatted down next to her. While she squatted, we scratched her and praised her. We made sure we took her frequently and crated her when we couldn’t watch her. It worked really well and she never made a mess. Once she was 6 weeks old, she was launching herself off the table and prancing on my laptop so she got exiled to the goat pen. In order to keep up her training, we took her in the car with us and always provided her with frequent lawn visits.  We kept a look-out for good pit stops, pulling over when she let us know she needed to go. Even now, when prompted, she usually squats to “try” whether she really has to go or not.

It’s easy when they’re babies, but once they’re grown up, I’m not sure it would be that successful.

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